Grand Uncle

Apr 2 – After leaving the car with the mechanic , we rushed down to Shah Alam Medical Center. The visiting hours was until 9.00 pm. We arrived at 9.00 pm. Fortunately for us, Malaysians are so used to rubber time that we were allowed into the hospital without any fuss.

Our visit was to witness my very first Grand Niece. My niece Stephanie gave birth to her first baby and the first for her generation making me a Grand Uncle.

As the realisation sink in, I am really getting old. It was really another milestone event, not only in the past 30 days but in my life.

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5 Responses to Grand Uncle

  1. Gina says:

    Heck.. there is this woman, with a full head of white hair – calling me auntie. I looked at her and almost didnt want to answer her when she couldn’t read the tag on the Gardenia bread on the expiry date. Shit man.

  2. shorthorse says:

    Congrats Asme on your new elevated status. As for Gina’s plight, well, afraid I encountered as similar experience aeons ago in my twenties…i was called auntie when I went to the supermart with my niece & nephew … I’d say some ppl just love to make assumptions I guess based on their visual observations! …. God help us one day ppl call us ‘nenek’ … ahahahaha

  3. asme says:

    I don;t want to admit to be old so young.

  4. Pink Jeans says:

    Remembering how it hurt when instead of calling me “xiao jie” the stallholders started calling me “auntie”….

  5. asme says:

    Auntie Jeans! Auntie Jeans! I am sure you are immune by now.

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