Flash Flood In Bukit Jalil

The last 30 days has indeed been a very hectic month filled with events on all fronts and I just didn’t have the time to upkeep the journal of my life. There are some many memories to safekeep and I have to start writing about before I lose it all.

The most stupid and dramatic experience occurred on Apr 2 where May & I desparately rushed out of KL after hearing rolling thunders in the distance and seeing a pitch black sky. As we hit the highway, the rains begun pouring down in thick sheets. Visibility was only 20 feet and I had no choice to drive painfully slow along the KL-Seremban Highway to head home. I sighed a huge breath of relief when I reached the Bukit Jalil interchange. Visibility was still bad. I drove merely by instint and reached our Taman safely.

Just 500 meters from my house, we reached a flooded stretch of road but in the heavy rain, I just couldn’t see how bad was the flood. In my mind, it just can’t be that bad. Darn! I lived in Bukit Jalil, in the hill. I was driving through 1 1/2 foot of water towards a T-Junction. A car slowed down in front of me and I cursed. You can’t slow down in floods and I took the outer lane as I turned into the T-Junction. Before I realised it, my lane was much deeper and water was overflowing unto the bonnet of my car. I tried to rev up the engine but before I could do anything the engine died.

We were stucked in the middle of the flood. I was cursing and swearing. Before we know it water started to seep into the car and I cursed even more. Then as cars passed us, the waves created by the cars seemed to move our car. That’s when we panicked. Oh! We could be swept away!

Water was halfway up the door. I couldn’t open the door. The car would have been flooded. Luckily for me the power window still worked and I wound it down to climb out of the car.

I tried pushing the car forward to a higher area but I just could move the car. Then I realised that I was pushing it against the flowing flood waters. I then pushed it the other way and with the help of the flood waters, I managed to push it to higher grounds.

I then called the towing company who refused to come immediately because of the rains. May and I decided to walk back in the rain. We finally returned to the car at 8.00 pm when the towing company called us to tell that they were available. Finally got the car towed to our regular mechanic.

It was a memorable experience (not to mention expensive) and it was utterly stupid of me to be caught in the situation. Nevertheless, we got to do it while we can, so this was my first time (should be only time) and it was a unforgetable experience. 


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5 Responses to Flash Flood In Bukit Jalil

  1. Gina says:

    Aiyoh! I guess this is the bad thing about living in KL – the horrendous flood. I still remember one night when the place where I work in, Plaza Permata near Jalan Ipoh was flooded very badly. I got stranded in office till 11 pm and luckily, our cars were parked at upper floors in the building. We could see some unfortunate cars still swimming in the basement the next morning when we went to work.

  2. shorthorse says:

    Yes, it was indeed a memorable experience experience the sensation of floating whilst still in the car….. won’t forget it! As for the flash flood problem… it really appears as if the water did not have enough outlets to drain into… I blame it all on the road developers – dunno if its they’re just cutting corners or just plain moronic …!

  3. asme says:

    Just keeping my fingers crossed the expenses wouldn’t be too high. Initial quote from the mechanic was two thousand plus for the flood problem and another four thousaend for the suspension. Sigh! Memorable esperience alright!

  4. Pink Jeans says:

    Geez! It actually happened to you! I often have this fear of the car being half or fully submerged in water and being trapped.

  5. asme says:

    Ya! Ya! It did happen to be me. I was moron enough to to get stuck.

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