Cristiano Ronaldo’s 35th Wonder Goal


29 March – Manchester United stretched their unbeaten home record against Aston Villa to 25 years as Cristiano Ronaldo proved yet again why he is truly one of the best players in the world. His 35th goal of the season was really wonderful and could only be attempted by Cristiano Ronaldo. Only he has the confidence, the arrogance and the skill to attempt the cheekiest goal I have ever seen. The ball fell on the outside of Ronaldo’s left leg on the 30th minute. For any normal players, it would have been at the wrong side and they would have to shift their body to control the ball. But not Ronaldo. He just used his right back heel to steer the ball first time through in-between the legs of the  defender in front of him and beyond reach of the goal keeper. He made it looked so simple but no one else could have scored the way he did. It was truly a goal with a Cristiano Ronaldo’s trademark.

Cristiano Ronaldo then went on to prove why he is truly one of the best player in the world when he provided the perfect cross in the 33rd minute for Carlos Tervez to head the ball in for the second goal, after which he flicked the ball past the Aston Villa defence for Wayne Rooney in 53rd minute to make it 3:0 and lastly but not least, he again supplied the pass in the 70th minute for Wayne Rooney to score his brace.

The match ended Manchester United 4 Aston Villa 0 with Cristiano Ronaldo having a part in all four goals.

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3 Responses to Cristiano Ronaldo’s 35th Wonder Goal

  1. Gina says:

    Men and football eh? Haha! I can never understand.

  2. asme says:

    Football is what’s keeping men from bitching.

  3. shorthorse says:

    Wow, I’m really sorry to have missed Ronaldo’s genius goal that day… too beat to stay up… As for football keeping men from bitching…… that’s debatable.. last I heard, men do bitch … about their wives, AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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