Robinson Waterfalls


I have been to Cameron Highlands on numerous occasions and has always wondered what Robinson Waterfalls was like but never actually attempted to visit it.

Finally, I managed to assembled a group of enthusiasts (May, VM, YP, JS, ML, JT, Joey and the kids) for the mini adventure. Locating the falls was relatively easy. Coming up from Tapah, take the first right turn after the main row of shoplots in Tanah Rata. Drive on for about one km and look out for sign to indicate another right turn.

Proceed straight to the end and park your car. The path to the Robinson Waterfalls lies across a concrete bridge. From the bridge, walk for one km and you will reach the main falls.


What’s interesting about the falls is that you reach the top of the falls first and the trail leeds down the mountain. We could see the falls but could not find any assess to the falls as the side of the trail faced a steep ravine.


As we walked down the trail, we found that it led us away from the falls. After a good 2 km down the mountain, JT and I being the least fit were horrified at the thought of climbing back up the long 2 km uphill. To our relief, failing daylight forced us to turn back as we did not want to be caught in the dark.

We met an orang asli on our trek back and asked about the falls. Our good man advised us against going to the falls because the water is very toxic as it was actually a pesticide laced ground water flowing from up the mountain where all the farms were. His reasoning made real sense.

We also inquire about the trail down the mountain and we were informed that it stretched a good 10 km all the way to Ringlet.

Robinson Waterfalls is an easily assessed falls from Tanah Rata and makes a great trek in the cool atmosphere. After the advice from my Orang Asli friend, I would think twice before attempting to bathe or swim in its waters.

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6 Responses to Robinson Waterfalls

  1. Right Said it while you can…
    Nice trip ..nice pics ..good job ..keep up the fun.
    Cheers !

  2. shorthorse says:

    You know what… it was actually a great trek…cool weather, nice wide forest track to walk on, surprisingly no leech bites – looks like they don’t thrive in cold weather! Fantastic… enjoyed the venture so much with all of you guys & gals… we do the trek all the way next time yah? We should start out in the morning…not the evening if we want to cover all 10km of it…

  3. hyp1 says:

    10 km……ok lah game. let’s do it before turning 50……..

  4. asme says:

    Avarvari – Thank you very much. Will definitely keep up the fun.

    SH – Will do the 10km trek when we next visit Cameron.

    hyp1 – please don;t announced the magical half century. my knees went weak. let’s do something like that soon. why wait. no need to do the same trek.

  5. cchin says:

    Yes.. we did walk all the way.. about 9km through very dim very slippery and towards the end, VERY STEEP where you have to use your hands to hold on to the slope or you roll down the crevice!
    and then suddenly.. bright sunlight and you end up in hapu in ringlet along vegetables rows. Had to walk out and take a cab back to brinchang

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