Long Travel Ahead

8 Mar – It is election day and marks a long period of travel for me.

Will be heading for Cameron Highlands later today for a short break with friends where we will the last guests for Mrs Chong, the caretaker of Hill Top Bungalow. Mrs. Chong will be retiring next week and I am really glad that we have the opportunity to visit the Eu Yan Sang owned British era bungalow before she retires. Things will never be the same without Mrs. Chong.

Will be back on Monday and from Tuesday it will be a two solid week of traveling through Iran, Qatar, Oman and the UAE. I love traveling but not for business. Unfortunately this will be an official trip. But nevertheless, I am looking forward to Tehran.

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6 Responses to Long Travel Ahead

  1. shorthorse says:

    Hilltop will not be the same without Mrs. Chong, unfortunately…. what a cook she is with her piping hot scones & home made jam….and her leg of lamb roast..hmmm….my mouth is watering again..

  2. shorthorse says:

    SAFE JOURNEY to the Middle East…..

  3. hyp1 says:

    I asked hubby about the most memorable thing in Camerons…..both of us said roast lamb!!!!!!!

    Terrible. think of food only

  4. shorthorse says:

    Oh but we are insulted…. you mean its not the company????????? Ahahaaahah………

  5. asme says:

    Hi. Greetings from Dubai. I am still thinking of the scones and the good times.

  6. shorthorse says:

    …. the most memorable thing for me whenever we go to Hilltop is the HOUSE itself .. it’s so filled with character… just love it. But of course the scones & the lamb are the topping on the ice cream!

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