Oldest Man and Oldest Woman

The oldest person ever documented was Jeanne Calment who lived 122 years 164 days. Jeanne Calment was born in Arles, France. She lived from 21 February 1875 to 4 August 1997.

The oldest man known was Shigechiyo Izumi, born in the Amami Islands, Japan on 29 June 1865 and attained the age of 120 years 237 days when he died on 21 February 1986.

If the News Straits Times’ report on 28 February 2008 is accurate, Malaysia may have both the oldest man and the oldest woman in the world as the Election Commission has listed two 128 year olds in their voters’ list for the state of Selangor. It was also reported that Selangor has a total of 23 voters above the age of 100 years. The air in this state must be good for longevity

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3 Responses to Oldest Man and Oldest Woman

  1. Pink Jeans says:

    Maybe there’s some elixir of life in the nasi padang!!!

  2. shorthorse says:

    Ahahahahahaha ……. Selangor should be promoted since Visit Malaysia Year (last year) has been extended to Aug 31 this year…… as the Centurion State….

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