Arsenal Thrashed


Feb 16 – After an embarassing outing with Manchester City a week ago, Manchester United got their game together and virtually thrashed Arsenal.

In a game where both managers made major changes to their teams and rested their players for the Champions League, Arsenal started the game without their star striker Emmanuel Adebayor.  Manchester United had only one striker in Wayne Rooney with Park Ji Sung playing a supporting role. Cristiano Ronaldo, Carlos Tevez and Louis Saha were all rested.

Sir Alex Ferguson packed the midfield with Michael Carrick, Darren Fletcher, Nani and Anderson and his gamble palyed off.

In the 16th minute, Anderson flicked the ball to Wayne Rooney to head it passed Jens Lehmann. Three minutes later, Nani centred the ball perfectly for Darren Fletcher to head in for a second goal. In the 38th minute, it was Michael Carrick’s turn to supply the pass to Nani who drove a low shot past a helpless Lehmann. The first half ended 3:0 in favour of Manchester United.

Arsenal tried to come back into the game by bringing in their star striker Emmanuel Adebayor but Manchester United continued to dominate in the second half. Darren Fletcher scored his second in the 74th minute.

 The game ended 4:0 with Arsenal outplayed and thrashed.    

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2 Responses to Arsenal Thrashed

  1. shorthorse says:

    Well there you go….. MU has broken the losing streak they had from the beginning of the year…….

  2. asme says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I am hoping they continue till May.

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