Amazing Race Asia Ep 12 – The Final Three

The Race continues from Ep. 11


Four teams, two Malaysian teams, one Filipino and one Singaporean prevailed for the race for the Final Three and the Grand Prize.

The Singaporeans, Adrian & Collin, who finished first for the second time in a row in the 11th leg of the race, started the 12th leg at 8.10 pm more than an hour ahead of the rest. They were supposed to travel from Gellert Hill in Budapest, Hungary to Signal Hill in Cape Town, South Africa. They immediately looked for internet assess to find the fastest route to get there.

Pinoys, Mark & Rovilson started second and immediately went to the airport, hoping to catch up with Adrian & Collin, who were no where to been seen. That made Mark & Rovilson a little bit nervous. Malaysian lasses, Pamela & Vanessa were next to start and Vanessa just couldn’t contain her excitement when she found out that she was headed for South Africa.

The last to leave the pit-stop, Malaysian mums, Ann & Diane decided to steer away from the other teams and hid themselves. The mums took the first flight out to Cape Town via London arriving there at 7.50 a.m.

Meanwhile Mark & Rovilson and Pamela & Vanessa managed to get confirmed tickets to Cape Town via Frankfurt which was a shorter route. Adrian & Collin had some anxious moments as they were wait-listed as the flight was full. They lost their early lead and failed to get ahead of the queue. Lady luck was with them as they managed to get their tickets at the last minute. Three teams who took the later but shorter route via Frankfurt and arrived in Cape Town at 5.00 a.m.

All three teams scrambled for Signal Hill from the airport only to find that it opened only at 8.30 a.m. which means that there would be enough time for the mums to catch up since they were arriving at 7.50 a.m. At 8.30 a.m., the three teams rushed for their clues and the mums were no where to be seen.

The first task was to drive to the summit of Signal Hill and retrieve the next clue. Mark & Rovilson immediately got their car and drove off without any problems. Adrian & Collin and Pamela & Vanessa got stuck with their cars as the cars were not normal cars which could be started the keys. It was a “Push Start” car where you have to insert the key and then depressed a separate button to start the car. While they were struggling with their car, Mark & Rovilson reached the summit and retrieved the next clue which was to drive to the Killarney Motor Racing Circuit. Pamela & Vanessa managed to get their car started and proceed for the clue. Mark & Rovilson actually saw Adrian & Collin still struggling to get their car started when they bypassed them on the way down.

Mark & Rovilson somehow took a longer way as when they reached the Killarney Motor Racing Circuit; they found Vanessa was already driving round the circuit in a race car. The task was to complete 8 laps around the circuit. She was driving so slowly that Rovilson called her “Driving Ms. Daisy”. Vanessa completed her first four laps but was told that she did it too slowly. As a result, she was incurred a five minutes penalty before she could continue the next four laps. After the five minutes wait, she completed the final lap in record time. Pamela was delighted and kept saying to her, “Why didn’t you drive like this earlier?”

Their next task was to drive to the township of Khayelitsha where they had to help paint a building in the Intyatyambo Community. Pamela & Vanessa got lost again. Getting lost is something which has been happening to them throughout the race. Mark & Rovilson reached first and were surprised that the sisters were not there. By the time, Pamela & Vanessa reached the Intyatyambo Community, Adrian & Collin had already started their task. Pamela & Vanessa had totally lost their lead.

Meanwhile, Ann & Diane arrived at the Killarney Motor Racing Circuit for their task.

Marc & Rovilson completed the task at the Intyatyambo Community first and were given a US$ 5,000 cheque to be presented to the Intyatyambo Community. Both the paint and the cash donation were sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank. Next they had to proceed to Aquila Park and retrieve the next clue in a Cheetah enclosure. This task as relatively easy and the clue led them to a detour at the elephant stalls were they had to either feed an elephant 100 kg of food or clean one of the stalls of the elephant dung accumulated.

All team chose to clean the dung where Marc & Rovilson were almost through their task when Adrian & Collin arrived. Marc & Rovilson completed the task without any pressure as they could see the position of their next competitor. Adrian & Collin were half way through when Pamela & Vanessa arrived.


Both the men teams had used shovels and were relatively clean. Pamela & Vanessa dug in with their bare hands so that they could do the job faster. If they ever win the Race, they deserve it for their all out attitude.


The whole race was predictable and there weren’t any excitement at all except for the first part when three teams were really racing from the airport. Once Pamela & Vanessa got lost and Marc & Rovilson overtook them, it was a matter of the other team chasing them but never getting close.


Ann & Diane’s decision to take the first flight out without checking the arrival time cost them the race. They were never in the race and they were eliminated.


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5 Responses to Amazing Race Asia Ep 12 – The Final Three

  1. shorthorse says:

    ALAS, TARA 2 has failed to deliver excitement. The final 3 have now been determined & I’m afraid the winner is going to be a bit too predictable….. sigh…. hopefully the roadblocks & detours of the final episode will be challenging enough to create a stir & perhaps an upset, otherwise….. I think we all know who’s going to win…sigh!

  2. asme says:

    You are right! Unless there is an upset, it would be a boring TARA 2.

  3. shorthorse says:

    Yup, unlike TARA 1, it was a little more evenly matched & it was good to see the underdogs win…..Jo Jer & Sabrina…that was more fun watching…

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  5. asme says:

    Keep our fingers crossed for an upset tomorrow.

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