The Amazing Race Asia Ep. 11

The Race Continues From Ep. 10


The race picked up pace in the episode 11 with Fast Forward, Yield, Road Block, Little Princess, Pedi Cab, tongue twisting Hungarian names, labyrinth, white rabbits and Rubix’s Cube. Only five team remained. Someone will win the Fast Forward, someone will yield, someone will be yielded. The Race is finally moving into top gear.

Adrian & Collin started start the race for the first time at 5.08 a.m. and their first task was to look for a Little Princess statue for their next clue. They got lost and by the time they found it, Marc & Rovilson had caught catch up with them.

The next challenge was a Fast Forward Challenge where they have to count the vertical bars at the side of the Elizabeth Bridge. Both teams were counting and racing neck to neck. Adrian & Collin completed the task first but found out that their count was wrong and that they had to do it again. Marc & Rovilson confidently finished their task but found out that their count too was wrong.

Marc & Rovilson had to restart but they did such a quick job at their second try that they overtook Adrian & Collin. Their speed did not help them as they were wrong again. They then tried to con Adrian & Collin by pretending that they had managed to win the Challenge. Adrian & Collin looked a bit shocked and confused when they saw Marc & Rovilson’s jubilant cries but decided to continue. Adrian & Collin completed their second try and managed to get the correct number.

Marc & Rovilson immediately knew that they have lost the Fast Forward Challenge and lost an hour in the process. They proceed to the task of locating the next clue in the Labyrinth of Buda Castle. It was a Roadblock where only one team member could complete.

Adrian & Collin could proceed directly to the pit-stop while Pam & Van found the Little Princess and decided to do the Fast Forward. When they reached Elizabeth Bridge, they found that the Fast Forward has been taken and they lost time traveling to the location.

In the Labyrinth of Buda Castle, Rovilson took quite a long time to locate the new clue while Pam also had an equally frustrating time. Diane found the clue instantly and managed to narrow the gap between Ann and her with Pam & Van.

After getting their clue from the Labyrinth, teams had to proceed to Margaret Island where they needed to ride a Pedi cab to Saint Margaret’s home to retrieve a white rabbit. Marc & Rovilson arrived first while Ann & Diane managed to overtake Pam & Van and started the task ahead of them.

Marc & Rovilson finished the task first and raced to the Heroes’ Square where they yielded Ann & Dianne as they have already agreed to try and help Paula & Natasha. Marc pointed out that they have no interest to yield Ann & Dianne but have been told to do so by another team so they are just doing what they were told like good soldiers.

By then, Adrian & Collin arrived safely at the pit-stop of the leg in the Gellert Hill Citadel.

Even though Ann & Diane started the Margaret Island task ahead of Pam & Van, Pam & Van managed to finish first took a tram and a train to the Heroes’ Square instead of a taxi.

Paula & Natasha being the last team to start expected the Fast Forward to be gone and proceed straight for Margaret Island.

At the Heroes’ Square, the task is a Detour between “Say it” or “Play it”. In “Say it” , teams have to pronounce the names of 14 kings whose statues surround the Square. In “Play It” teams must solve two colours of a Rubic’s Cube.

Marc & Rovilson immediately chose to play the Rubic’s Cube and proved that they were quite good at it. They finished the task easily and proceed to the pit-stop.

Pam & Van then arrived and chose to “Say It”. It was a wise choice because Van has no idea what is a Rubic’s Cube and they had plenty of help from the bystanders.

Ann & Diane reached the Heroes’ Square and were yielded. They had to wait for the hour glass to complete before restarting the race. Diane looked very angry but Ann was more relaxed. Ann said that it gives them time to take in the sights because she doesn’t know when she will be back again.

Marc & Rovilson arrived at the Citadel second followed by Pam & Van.

Ann & Diane completed the penalty time of the yield and restarted the race.

By the time Paula and Natasha reached the Heroes’ Square, Ann & Diane had completed their task of “Play It” and were on the way to the pit-stop. Natasha was extremely good with pronunciation and the Thai girls managed to finish the “Say It” task in record time.


But it was too late. Paula & Natasha arrived last and were eliminated from the race.


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4 Responses to The Amazing Race Asia Ep. 11

  1. shorthorse says:

    Bye Natasha & Paula. They were just too far behind to catch up despite the yielding of the mums by Marc & Rovilson. …. I’m glad Adrian & Collin got 1st place. This spices things up a bit more coz Marc & Rovilson were controlling the race up until 2 legs ago. Keep it up A & C. As for Pam & Van…. find them a bit feather headed sometimes but don’t you just dig they way they worked up the crowd at Heroes’ Square. That’s the benefit of being young & attractive….. always a plus point for this type of challenges..

  2. gina says:

    I think Natasha is really hot!

  3. asme says:

    Well, the important thing is 2 Malaysian teams or 50% are in the last 4.

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