The Amazing Race Asia Ep. 10

The Race Continues from Ep. 9 

Marc & Rovilson who finished first in the previous leg, started the tenth leg at 11.48 p.m. but had to wait for a 7.30 a.m. train to Budapest which allowed the last team, Paula & Natasha, who started the race five hours later at 5.08 a.m. to catch up at the train station.

Four teams got on the 7.30 a.m. train but Adrian & Colin were missing. The teams were extremely puzzled and were speculating where they were.


Adrian & Colin who had managed to find an earlier train via Vienna at 5.00 a.m., arrived first in Budapest and proceeded to Batthyany Square. Their first task was to drive to Magyar Farm for their next clue.

Meanwhile, the 7.30 a.m. train arrived in Budapest with Paula & Natasha leading the pack followed by Marc & Rovilson, Pam & Van and Ann & Dianne.

At the Magyar Farm, teams have a ‘detour’ choice between “Pitch” (load hay on a cart & deliver) or Pull (milking a goat). Adrian & Colin chose “Pitch” and managed to finish the task before the arrival of the next team.


Paula & Natasha arrived second and quickly carried out the pitching task. Then Ann & Dianne arrived and they chose to “pull” or milk a goat. They couldn’t get a single drop and decided to change to pitch.

Marc & Rovilson surprisingly came in 4th when Paula & Natasha has completed their task and were leaving for the next clue as Marc & Rovilson started their ‘pitching’ task.

Pam & Van who had been slowed down by Vanessa who just could not drive a manual left hand drive car arrived last and immediately took a chance on milking the goat. They completed the challenge quickly enough to be just behind Marc & Rovilson as the teams proceed to a Road Block at the Fun Extreme Canopy.

At the road block, one team member has to do a flying fox and add up numbers which were placed along the route. Once a team gets the correct number, they were directed to proceed to the Hercules Fountain for the next clue. At the Hercules Fountain, teams were directed to Solomon Tower for the Pit Stop of the race but teams must park at a designated car park.

It was a one horse race all the way with Adrian & Colin making a mistake at the flying fox task and needed to redo the task and again they flattered at Solomon Tower when they did not park at the designated car park, but their one and a half hour advantage for taking an earlier train keeping them comfortably ahead and they finished first without any problems.

It was the most interesting race of all since the beginning of the Amazing Race Asia II, where the remaining four teams fought it out to the finished line. Paula & Natasha looked extremely strong and looked hopeful for second place.

Marc & Rovilson who were in unfamiliar territory of not leading the pack. You could see Ann & Diane shocked faces when they saw Marc & Rovilson were behind them.

However, Marc & Rovilson managed to excel at the flying fox task and managed jump from fourth place to second over Paula & Natasha and Ann & Diane.

Pam & Van appeared to be the weakest team especially with Vanessa struggling to drive the car. They struggle behind Ann & Diane and they looked doomed for last place.


Heading toward the Hercules Fountain, it was Marc & Rovilson leading the pack followed by Paula & Natasha, Ann & Diane and Pam & Van. Marc & Rovilson managed to reach ahead of the rest and proceed to finish second place.

Pam & Van somehow managed to surge from last place to reach the Hercules Fountain third. They then parked at the wrong place at the Solomon Towers and had to go back to their car to find the correct parking. Vanessa was crying away and it appeared that they blew it but somehow, Paula & Natasha and Ann & Diane just couldn’t find their way to the Hercules Fountain. Pam & Van finished.

The race is left for Paula & Natasha and Ann & Diane. In the end, Ann & Diane managed to finish ahead of Paula & Natasha.


It was a surprise for Paula & Natasha to finish last. It would be sad to see them eliminated. Allan Wu then surprised everyone that it was a non elimination leg again.

It is back to five teams again next week.

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3 Responses to The Amazing Race Asia Ep. 10

  1. shorthorse says:

    Congrats Adrian & Collin! It’s high time they gave Marc & Rovilson a run for their money. Keep it up!

  2. asme says:

    I am relieved that Adrian & Colin finished ahead of the Clowns. I will be happy for any of the others teams to finished of Marc & Rovilson.

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