The Amazing Race Asia Ep. 9

The Race Continues from Ep. 8

Marc & Rovilson was the first team to start in the wee hours of 2.17 a.m. They had to take a train to Prague and then head for the observation tower and count the steps up to the top of the tower. Marc & Rovilson found that the next available train was at 4.20 a.m. The wait for the train allowed Adrian & Edwin, Ann & Diane and Paula & Natasha to catch up. Pam & Van who started at 4.17 a.m. missed the train took the next one. At the observation tower, there was another bottle neck as the opening hours were 9.00 a.m. By the time it opened, Pam & Van also caught up and it was a race with five teams.

While waiting for the observation tower to open, most of the teams did research on the tower and at least two teams, Adrian & Edwin and Ann & Diane already knew the answer. Marc & Rovilson & Pam & Van mostly likely knew the answer even though they did not admit it. They were just too cool and leisurely when they did the task. Rovilson the clown even declared they counted the steps. Sounded too fishy.

Paula & Natasha counted every step and were wrong two times. This meant that they had to climb up and down the towers three times to get it right.

The next task was to proceed to Streleky Island. Row a boat and locate the clue using a compass. Rovilson shone in this task by rowing solo while Marc enjoyed the view because Rovilson joked that his name was “Row” ilson.

After the rowing task, they had to proceed to Prague castle which posed an intersection where teams have to combine with another team to complete the task. Adrian & Edwin who arrived first automatically teamed up with the second team Marc & Rovilson. Ann & Diane arrived third. Pam & Van arrived next and immediately joined up with Ann & Diane without thinking about their original strategy to yield the mums. If they had insisted on waiting for the next team, the intersection would naturally be a yield for the mums. Pam only realized their mistake in the taxi.

Natasha & Paula arrived fifth and knew instantly that they have lost out because they had to wait for Henry & Terri who has not even started the race.

The next task was in Lethany where they had to score goals in ice hockey.

After the ice hockey task, it was a Roll or Snap task.

Marc & Rovilson and Adrian & Edwin immediately chose roll where they had to deliver a barrel of beer by rolling on the street. Both teams finished the task promptly and proceed to the next task.

Ann & Diane and Pam & Van initially chose snap where they had to take picture of famous landmarks in Prague. They were utterly lost and there flares of temper from the mums which made Pam & Van really regretted working with them. They finally changed their task and went ‘rolling’.

Meanwhile, Henry & Terri finally arrived and Natasha & Paula were so happy so seem them because they actually waited 5 hours for them.

The next task was to jump of a 10 meters platform in a swimming pool at Padola and swim for the next clue. Everyone did the task perfectly except that Vanessa totally freaked after completing the task. She became disoriented and could not remember what was going on. Pamela was in shock over her sister’s breakdown and she did well to keep her cool.

The pit stop of the race was at Mala Strana. It was again a race between Marc & Rovilson with Adrian & Edwin. And yet again Marc & Rovilson proved that they were undisputed winner. Ann & Diane capitalized on Vanessa’s breakdown to finished third. Pam & Van came in fourth.

Henry & Terri and Natasha & Paula completed the ice hockey and the snap task together. For the first time, Henry was talking bad about the other team calling them stupid. Henry & Terri arrived and completed the swimming pool task first and were head for the pit stop. But the taxi which they approached refused to take them.

Then Natasha & Paula begged the same taxi man and he took them to the pit stop. They finished fifth while Henry & Terri finished last for the third time in a row and were eliminated.


So the question of the episode, was it persistent begging by Paula & Natasha that won them the race or did they flaunt their beauty to get the taxi to finish fifth.


I would say that they were persistent and beautiful, now that’s a lethal combination.


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6 Responses to The Amazing Race Asia Ep. 9

  1. shorthorse says:

    Well… I feel the editing for the TARA2 production falls short coz there was no building up to the flare up between Diane & the Chong sisters & we don’t exactly know why Henry called the Thai girls ‘scatter brains’….. perhaps he felt slighted at being bossed around by them….or ignored maybe… All I can say Asians being Asians are just too nice hence the lack of strategy & backstabbing during the Intersection phase of the game…. so really Rovilson’s quote saying that “the plot thickens” was a non-event!!! Dunno abt you…but I was bored this episode..CANT WAIT FOR Monday’s Amazing Race USA Finale………… more exciting

  2. gina says:

    Quite disappointing that the sisters cannot hold fort of their defence. Kinda ridiculous also.. and they never remember this is a race for MONEY!!!

  3. MM says:

    Vanessa did not have a breakdown, she had a concussion and thus amnesia from the task.

    Nice blog by the way. 🙂

  4. lea says:

    Wooh!~ Go Marc and Rovilson!

  5. asme says:

    Shorthorse, you are quite right about the Amazing Race (American) being more exciting.

    Gina, I think the sisters are enjoying the race tourists.

    MM, you could be right about the concussion thing. Thanks for the visit.

    Lea, Well Marc & Rovilson are really the strongest and deserves to win. I am just hoping for an upset.

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