The Amazing Race Asia Ep 8.

The Race Continues from Ep 7

For the first time, the Asian edition of the Amazing Race headed out of Asia. From Seoul, teams had to travel to the Old Opera House in Frankfurt, Germany. The clown, Rovilson had to comment that “I didn’t know Germany is part of Asia”.

There were numerous flights from Seoul to Frankfurt but all were quite full. In the end, the teams were split into four different flights with Marc & Rovilson getting on the first flight, followed by Natasha & Paula on the second flight and with three teams, Adrian & Colin, Ann & Diane and Pamela & Vanessa on the third flight. Henri & Terri who started the race without any money except for some contribution from team members had to take the bus and took the last flight out. 

In Frankfurt, the teams were immediately directed to take a train to Prague, Czech Republic. Most teams were quite dissappointed of not being able to spend more time in Germany. Being on different flights failed to give any teams an advantage as there was only one train to Prague and five teams except for Henry & Terri managed to get on the same train.

In the Czech Republic, is was a tough race to the pit stop where in Prague, they had to look for a holey statue. Ann & Diane and Pamela & Vanessa did badly in this task and got left behind. Then they had to locate to a puppet shop to get the next clue. From the puppet shop, the team faced a road block where one team member has to dress as a knight in shining amour and locate a damsel in distress.

The next task was to proceed to the town square of Beroun where they have to locate a person holding a mobile phone with their picture in the mobile phone. When they recover the correct mobile, teams were shown a video recording from some one back home. Most of the competitors were deeeply touched by the video messages except for Diane who had to comment, “He’s quite long winded, my husband!”  

The next task was titled “Bow or Blow”. Ann definitely uttered the quote of the episode or even of the whole race, when she said “I guess as girls, we are better at blowing“.  Innocent as it maybe, its sent me ROFL.

The race ended in Karlstejn Castle where Marc & Rovilson finished number one again and won a US$ 5000 prize. Adrian & Colin came in second yet again. Ann & Diane managed to surge forth to third placing followed by Natasha & Paula. Pam & Vanessa came in fifth.

Henry & Terri just could not catch up the main pack and finished last. The surprise of the episode was that it was again a non elimination round. Based on their performance so far, I don’t think Henry & Terri could make it in the next round unless there is a major bottle neck for them to catch up. Well, we will know tomorrow …..

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3 Responses to The Amazing Race Asia Ep 8.

  1. shorthorse says:

    Ahahaahah….this really was a great episode for memorable quotes eh????

  2. gina says:

    I think the producers did this on purpose (non-elimination of the annoying, screaming banshee and her ball-less husband) just to spite us! Haha!

  3. asme says:

    It was an episode to remember and without Henry and Terri, the show would not be “so interesting”.

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