Ronaldo’s First Hattrick


Jan 12 – This day had to come. It was only a matter of when. The only question would be who will be the victim. The poor victims turned out to be managerless Newcastle United.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been waiting for his first hattrick for two years.
– Manchester United has been waiting to outdo their previous 4:0 best score line.

During the first half of the game against the Magpies at Old Trafford, it looked like another typical encounter where the Red Devils had to slog for a single goal win. In a frustrasting stop-start game, the first installment ended scoreless.

Sir Alex Ferguson must have done some great tongue lashing because Cristiano Ronaldo opened up the flood gates on the 49th minute from a freekick. Carlos Tervez followed suit 6 minutes later while Ronaldo got his second in the 70th minute. The Devils continued the bombarment and Rio Ferdinand got his name on the goal sheet the 80th minute. On the 88th minute, Ronaldo’s two year wait came to an end when he finally got his hattrick. Tervez ended Newcastle’s nightmare when he scored a last minute goal bring the final score 6:0.

The weekend’s win was indeed the greatest result of the season especially since the long hectic Christmas season which saw them beating Everton 2:1 and Sunderland 4:0 before that 2:1 surprising lost to West Ham. They came back meekly from that shock loss with a 1:0 win on New Year’s Day over Birmingham followed by a 2:0 win over Aston Villa.

The 6:0 win over Newcastle United propelled Manchester United to the top spot after Arsenal was surprising held 1:1 at home by Birmingham.

The game was also trully historic as it not only enable Manchester United to lead the league but they also are the leaders for :-

1) Highest attendance – 75,965 fans (75,749 vs Everton)
2) Top scorer – Cristiano Ronaldo at 13 goals (Emmanuel Adebayor 12)
3) Most goals scored – 44 goals (Arsenal 43)
4) Most goals difference – 33 goals (Arsenal 26)
5) Most wins – 16 wins (Arsenal 15)

The game and the statistics truly reflect a real champion. It is now for Sir Alex and his boys to continue their good work and claim their 10th Premier League championship.

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3 Responses to Ronaldo’s First Hattrick

  1. shorthorse says:

    Wow… last 45 mins appears to have been a goal fest for MU… what a treat for fans… 🙂

  2. asme says:

    It will likely be the highlight of the season.

  3. brian says:

    Yeap i agree~!!!!

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