The Amazing Race Asia Ep 7

The Race Continues from Ep 6

The race continues and proved to be the best yet. Marc & Rovilson started in their customary pole position followed by closely by Adrian & Colin. Marc & Rovilson started off with a bang when they managed to recruit a police car to lead them all the way to the venue of the first task.


It was a two horse all the way with Adrian & Colin actually overtaking Marc & Rovilson at the second task. They however lost their lead when Marc & Rovilson managed to beat them back at the third task and they could only tail the Pinoy boys to the finished.

Terri went back to her antics and Henri got emotional as well this round. As a result, they lost their cool and their third placing.

Paula & Natasha burst their tyre and were stranded at the toll gates. It was no wonder that two charming policemen came to the rescue when they see two pretty damsels in distress.

Meanwhile, Pam & Van took a wrong turn on the highway and lost a good half hour and also their cool. They were screaming at each other and Van who was driving admittedly said “I told you I am stupid, right?”. 

Ann & Diane also got desperately lost. But despite being lost, Ann showed composure and was very cooled headed.

Henri & Terri were not racing. They were quarreling more then they were racing. In the end, they totally lost it and allowed all the other teams to past them. They finished the race close to mid-night but it was a non elimination round. (as I predicted)

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4 Responses to The Amazing Race Asia Ep 7

  1. shorthorse says:

    Gosh, Henri & Terri sure do have issues….just wish they’d get on with it! They could do better if they put aside their bickering… I know it sounds odd but they add spice & drama to TARA 2…so would hate to see them go! Left with an interesting mix of ppl actually…the unbeatable Filipinos, the ever serious S’poreans, the stuck up moms, the bickering Filipinos & the two Thai & M’sian gal teams.

  2. asme says:

    Actually Pam & Van has dropped down the ladder in terms of interestingness for the game. They would be the logical choice to drop off in the next leg to maintain the inetersting mix.

    However, what would really spice up the race if Marc & Rovilson ended last next leg. That would throw the race wide open.

  3. gina says:

    SHITTTTTTTTTTTT… why no elimination??

    I have no time to watch TV. So I am following your blog closely for updates. Haha!

  4. asme says:

    No elimination because they are trying to stretch the race and they did not want to have more than 9 teams (cost factor)!

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