The Amazing Race Asia Ep. 5

The Race Continues from Ep. 4

Dec 21 – The contestants bottled necked at the Auckland airport as the next leg of the race moved on to Tokyo, Japan. In Tokyo, Sawaka & Daichi had home ground advantage and surged confidently into the lead. Marc & Rovilson followed closely in second place as the contestants went through their challenges.

The first task was to get from Narita airport to Shiba Park. Pam & Van proved that their sense of direction was totaly hopeless when they got lost again. They met up with Paula & Natasha who were faced with the same predicament and the girls teamed up together, arriving at the Shiba Park in second last and in last positions. I guess working together took off some of the pressure, knowing that another team is together with you.

The next task was to go to the Sony Building in the Ginza District, used a Sony handycam and record a stranger singing the evergreen Japanese song, “Sakura“. Marc & Rovilson proved to be morons when they coached a stranger to sing the lyrics according to a tune they made up when they don’t even know the song. Naturally, they had to do the task again and lost precious time. Henry & Terri got lost and dropped from 5th place to the last position. Terri was back to her screaming self and threatened to quit.

From the Sony Centre, the contestants had to proceed to the Shibuya District and locate a young girl who is dressed in “anime” fashion. The clue was a picture of the girl in a digital camera. All teams did reasonably well in this task.

Then they faced a road block with a choice of “Catch It or Cart It” tasks. In the “Cart It” task, they have to locate a dry cleaner, retrieve a piece of clothing and delivered it to an address given. In “Catch It” they have to scoop up 40 goldfishes from a tub using a scoop made from rice paper which dissolved in water quite easily. Surprisingly, the first 4 teams chose “Cart It” and the last 3 teams chose “Catch It”.

The highlight of the “Cart It” task was when the Malaysians mums who asked a motorcyclists to bring them to the address to deliver the laundry. They told the motorcyclist “You ride, we run” which they did duly ran behind the motorcyclist.

The next task was to an Ice Bar in the Roppongi District. The task is to decipher the name of a major city in Japan from alphabets in ice blocks. Van looked the most lost and frustrated in this task. When she finally completed the task, she left her ice blocks in tact which Henry took advantage of by copying.

Their next task was to travel to Fukuoka and this was another bottle neck at the train station. Whatever lead which Sawaka & Daichi had, came to nothing as everyone caught up. In Fukuoka, it is all square one and everyone raced towards the finish line. The Malaysian mums, Ann and Diane beat everyone to it and finished first only to find out that they still have to continue on racing.


In the fifth episode, the three strongest teams still appear to be Marc & Rovilson, Adrian & Collin, and Ann & Diane. The weakest are definitely Pam & Van and Henry & Terri.

It was also interesting to find Rovilson getting cuddly with Van.

Are they ….??

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4 Responses to The Amazing Race Asia Ep. 5

  1. shorthorse says:

    Very interesting episode… a hint that the M’sian Moms are not too popular with the other teams… hmmm interesting descriptions….. ‘rude’, ‘not nice’, The Japanese duo said that they would not help them at all. The Thai team said that they won’t mind working together with the M’sian gals but not the moms….. Diane was singled out for being fake….but yet when the Icebar road block came out…Ann said she was the cold and calculating one…..juicy juicy… 🙂

  2. gina says:

    eh.. i miss the episode again!!

  3. asme says:

    Ep 5 is more interesting than the previous 2 episodes. It looked really tiring. The main drawback is the poor editing and lack of imagination from the cameramen following the contestants.

  4. asme says:

    It is OK Gina, there’s always next Thursday. Unfortunately, I think I will missing it unless I could get a room with AXN in Vietnam.

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