The Amazing Race Asia Ep 4

The Race Continues from Ep. 3

Dec 14 – The Race continued where Rovilson and Marc again dominated the field by finishing first again. This episode however showed that they were not as  informidable as they appeared to be in the first 3 races where tiny cracks appeared in the power boat task.

Adrian & Collin proved that they were ever ready to take over if Rovilson and Marc slipped. They followed closely behind to finish second place.

Paula & Natasha have proved to be two tough beauties when they finished third. Malaysian moms Ann and Diane continued their consistent run to finish fourth.

Sawaka & Daichi managed to bypass Henry & Terri to finish fifth, followed by Pam & Van.

Henry & Terri self destructed in the Episode with Terri succumbing under pressure and resumed her screaming antics. It is becoming tiresome to see the behaviour of Terri and the puppy response from Henry. They were very lucky because the last team to start, Sophie & Aurelia were seven hours behind.

Sophie & Aurelia had no chance at all in the race. How could you win a race when you are seven hours behind in a race totaling about 12 hours to complete. Their elimination was already determined from the begining. This was what made this episode boring and watching it is like going through a formality.

Hopefully, there will be a bottle neck at the airport in the next episode so that the teams can all restart on an equal plain.

Farewell, Sophie and Aurelia


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6 Responses to The Amazing Race Asia Ep 4

  1. shorthorse says:

    Wow, you managed to catch TARA 2 after all… yeah, agreed, it was boring to watch! Somehow the Asian race lacks excitement… hmmm… hopefully the next installment will pick up its pace…

  2. Nick says:

    Glad to see Sophie out of the race – she is the biggest bitch there’s been in the Asian version of the race. Aurelia is adorable though.

    I love Terri’s outbursts! I hope she and Henry pick up the pace or I can see them being eliminated next.

    Ann & Diane are amazing! I love them to bits.

    Marc & Rovilson are just too irritating for words. They try and make a joke out of EVERYTHING they EVER do and it’s beyond tedious.

  3. Gina says:

    I find this Sophie utterly annoying with her constant bitching! It’s a good thing that they have been eliminated! I waited for this day!

    I wonder how Henry would ever marry a ugly screaming banshee!!! Wah lao eh! I can’t stand the sight of her. I hope she get a good beating at home when they are eliminated in the next leg! Crossing my fingers!!!

    I like Adrian and Colin’s fighting spirits!

  4. asme says:

    SH, TARA is really boring so far. If not for Pam and Van, I would give it a miss.

    Nick, I felt that Sophie was being candid and the pressure got to her. Aurelia’s hopeless. Both of them deserves to be eliminated.

    I think Terri is the bitch of the season but she does provide the drama. Without her, it would be even more boring. I respect the moms for their efforts and I actually like Marc & Rovilson.

    Gina, Terri will never get a beating. She is the dominant one. Henry’s a softie. Adrian and Colin are competitive but not so colourful enough for my liking.

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