Ronaldo’s Magic Continues


Dec 3 – Ronaldo continues to prove why he is the second best player in the world by single handedly winning the game at Fulham for Manchester United by scoring both the goals in the 2:0 win, in the 10 and 58 minutes. Kaka who was voted as the No 1 player in the world ahead of Ronaldo made a very realistic comment when he said “The only difference between him and Ronaldo, is that AC Milan won the Champions League last season while Manchester United did not. He admitted that he might not have been voted as the No 1 if it was the other way around.”

So now it more of what Manchester United can do for Ronaldo than what Ronaldo can do for the Red Devils. It is a proven fact beyond doubt that he is the most infuential player for the Old Trafford outfit. Each time he is on the field, they flow smoothly. Whenever he is not on, they struggle.

Dec 8 – Ronaldo  anchored the team again in their 4-win over Derby. Ryan Giggs capped his long illustrated career at Old Trafford by socring his 100th goal for the team. His opening goal opened up the flood gates with Carlos Tevez proving his salt by scoring two goals and Ronaldo finished the rout but adding a fourth taking his season tally to 14th.

Way to go Ronaldo!

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3 Responses to Ronaldo’s Magic Continues

  1. asme says:

    The great cheer for the week was the two unbeaten teams met their mtach with Liverpool going down to 1:3 to Reading while Arsenal were shocked 1:2 by Middlesborough. The season just got more interesting!

  2. David Lopez says:

    I think personally that Ronaldo is better than Kaka. I like them both,but Ronaldo is definetly more gifted overall. Ronaldo is a bulldozer, the way he dribbles and not only creates chances for his teammates and himself. Not to mention the 41 goal season that he’s having is such to admire. Cristiano Ronaldo definetly the player of the year!!!

  3. asme says:

    Ronaldo is in a league of his own this year.

    If he wins the Champions League with Manchester United tonight, then there is no doubt.

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