The Amazing Race Asia Ep. 3

The Race Continues from Ep 2


Marc and Rovilson is turning the Amazing Race into a one horse race. They were absolutely strong, competitive and focused in the 3rd episode. They looked awesome at the rock climb and appeared to have enjoyed themselves very much.

Adrian and Colin came charging strongly in this race to finish second while Malaysian mums Ann and Dianne continued their 3rd placing streak, three times third in a row.


Scream queen Terri did an excellent bungee jump even though she was  initially terrified. She and Henry came from behind to finish fifth. They provided the drama of the episode with Terri doing her usual screaming antics and Henry cried like a giant baby.

Sawaka and Daichi performed beyond my expectation in this episode showing more enthusiasm for the race.

The race has taken its toll on the rest of the competitors with Paula and Natasha slipping to fifth. Pam and Van had a car accident which delayed them for about 25 minutes and ultimately caused a drop to seventh position. But they did provide the most memorable part of the episode where some of the other teams were screaming away in the “haunted house” but Pam just brushed “ghost” aside and said “get out of my way“.

Sophie and Aurelia fared equally bad with Sophie losing her cool and provided one of the most memorable the quote of the episode when she scolded Aurelia “Can you please keep quiet for one hour?

The biggest loser of the race were Brett and Kinar. They were absolutely lost. Nothing went right for them. At the end of the race, they were so far behind, that they couldn’t finish the last two tasks because one of the venues was already closed. There was no dispute at all, that they had to be eliminated from the race.


Farewell Brett and Kinar. The best looking couple and Kinar, undoubtedly the best looking girl in the race.

If there was a contest for Ms TARA 2, she will win in by a mile.


More in Episode 4

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3 Responses to The Amazing Race Asia Ep. 3

  1. gina says:

    I think Pam and Van look hot, too! I cannot stand Aurelia! She just couldn’t shut up! And I remember Sophie’s biodata stating – her only fear is failure… but then I saw her screaming in the Haunted House till she was handed the next clue. Cheh! I don’t have respect for her at all.

  2. short horse says:

    Ahahahahhhh…… its interesting how we all get so caught up with the contestants….

    I am of course rooting for the M’sian pairs and am impressed with the quiet confidence of the M’sian moms/ dancing pair…They were definitely the underdogs in my book earlier but have proven to be consistent, calm & cool. Amazingly they looked fresh all the time whilst Pam & Vanessa who were bubbling with energy in the 1st episode looked fizzled out by the 3rd episode. Come on Moms & Chongs……. you can do it!!!!!!

  3. asme says:

    I think the star of the show is the loud mouth Trinidad or also known as Terri. You would hate her for all her outburst but without her, the show would be dull.

    My fav would still be Pam and Van, I am bias. I am Malaysian.

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