Sungai Gabai Waterfalls

Nov 18 – After our beef noodles lunch and a noon downpour, we decided to go for a drive and check out some waterfalls in the Ulu Langat area. It was more of a recon trip for future activities.We headed for Semenyih via the SILK highway and turned to Ulu Langat in Semenyih.

There are two other ways from the Klang valley to go to Ulu Langat, one was from Cheras and the other from Ampang. Ulu Langat can also be assessed from Kuala Klawang. Our way from Semenyih is the longest route from Kuala Lumpur but we had the time and we wanted to check this other route as we have taken the Cheras route previously.

The signs at Semenyih town for Tekala Falls and Batangsi Falls were quite adequate. We just followed the signs and we drove passed the Nirvana Memorial Park.

A couple of kilometers after the Memorial Park, we come across a huge wall decorated with many birds’ figurines. It was a spectacular sight from far. Very catchy. It was beautiful. As we approach near the wall, we realized that it was the Christian Nirvana Memorial Park. We didn’t know that that there was such a memorial park in the first place.

May being ultra superstitious, warned me not to stop the car because she knows me perfectly. I would have stopped and snapped a couple of pictures.

Come think of it, the name Nirvana is often associated with Buddhism and I don’t think the Memorial Park developer did their home work properly. It would have been better to name the place in a more Christianly theme such Sanctuary, Jerusalem or St Luke’s but definitely not Nirvana. Sack the PR guy!

Anyway, in a very short 5 minutes after the Nirvana Christian Memorial Park, we reached the Sungai Tekala Falls. The place was absolutely crowded. Cars were parked all along the road shoulders.

We continue straight and passed the Semenyih Dam. We arrived at the T-Junction to Ampang/Batu 14. We proceed straight towards Kuala Klawang until the next T-junction where we turned towards Batu 18 town. About 7 km from Batu 18 town (look out for the milestone), there was a sign for turning to Air Terjun Gabai. We turned at this turning and went straight for 10 minutes through a narrow kampong road before reaching a village road block.

The pakcik manning the road blocked collected RM 2 from us before allowing us through. 


The entrance to Sg Gabai Falls lies just 200 meters from the village roadblock. There were two rolls of cars parked on either side of the narrow kampong road, making it even narrower. We decided to park at the outer part so that it would be easier to leave. Did not fancy navigating through gauntlet of parked cars.

We walked the remaining way and we were instantly greeted with screams of Malaysian Idols Wannabes doing their karaoke singing at the entrance building. My Gawd! How could they do this in a park or waterfall? Was it bad enough that people pollute the water and the grounds? They have to pollute the ambience as well with high decibels tone deaf singing? Bloody morons.

We passed the entrance building to the first falls which was utterly crowded. There were people every nook and corners. But the falls looked great despite the crowd.We started trekking up the stairs to the second falls. It was still crowded at the second falls but at least we do not hear the karaoke anymore.

We witness an amazing sight of a man standing in the middle of the falls. He just stood there as still as a doorknob with water rushing down all around him. The view was so Zen like. It was amazing.


Up we went to the third level and again we saw people and people. The third level looked to be the perfect place to picnic. There was a natural slide and people were taking turns to slide down the water here. It looked really fun.


The Gabai Falls is beautiful and we made up our mind that we will return one day, on a normal working day when it less crowded.

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4 Responses to Sungai Gabai Waterfalls

  1. Gina says:

    Wah.. that sure looks nice! But if you go when there is less people – be careful of muggers! I have friends who went to Templer’s Park during weekdays and they got mugged.. and they came all the way from Egypt!

  2. asme says:

    Thanks for the advice.

    Sometimes the everyday life could be filled with so much shit that we really wish a mugger comes along so that we can take it out on him. Would be great to push this mugger off the 100 feet waterfall. It remains a dream. Most of the times, May says I am suicidal in nature.

  3. shorthorse says:

    What a grand shame…..mugged at the falls…..shame shame shame indeed…..

    Nevertheless, the Gabai falls were breathtaking …. and the guys looks so Zen standing on the rocks of the falls….. amazing how he kept his balance with all that water pounding on his feet & back…!

  4. asme says:

    Scenes like the guy in the falls brings us back down to earth to remember to enjoy the simple thing in life.

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