Super Brats

Kids can be absolute brats and my top 5 brats encounters are:-

Super Brat No 5

Years’ back in the nineties, I can still remember this neighbour’s seven year old girl in SS2. She was playing with her friends in their driveway and I looked in to see what they were doing as I walked past. She shouted at me in Cantonese, “Stupid fatman. What are you looking at?”

Super Brat No 4

About seven years’ ago, we were trekking in an island with kids. Naturally, we had to carry the toddler but her sister who was seven at that time just refused to walk and insisted to be carried. As she was carried, she pretended to be asleep but you could see her eyes open to peep out with a large smile on her face.

Super Brat No 3

About four years ago in Mentakab, a seven year old brat followed his mum to my place but wanted to go home after spending about 20 minutes. His mum asked him to wait for a short while and he started to induce vomitting to get his way.

Super Brat No 2

Last year in KL, an eight year old chinese schooled kid (brother of Brat No 3) asked me in Mandarin and I answered back in broken Mandarin since I don’t really speak Mandarin that well. This little monster asked in Mandarin, “Uncle, how come you don’t know how to answer me? You never go to school one ah?!”

Super Brat No 1 – NUMERO UNO

A recently comment (last week in Pahang) from a nine year old kid utterly shocked me. When his father was reprimanding him for his rude behaviour, he answered back by calling his father “You fat idiot”.

With kids like that, it is better to have puppies. At least puppies are more adorable and well behaved.

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3 Responses to Super Brats

  1. shorthorse says:

    …. ahahahahahahhhh….some of these BRATS might actually turn out to be doctors, lawyers or even ‘angkasawans’ of the future….so it’s probably a phase….or maybe not….!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. anigma says:

    Once, I was packing my stuffs while Sasha looked on and I couldn’t find my photo album. I thought she took it and then I asked her – where is my photo album? Pointing at the photo album on the table (I was sitting on the floor, so I couldn’t see) and said to me – “It’s here. Are you blind?” in Hokkien. HAHAHAHHAHA! And she was only 3.5 years old that time.

    You haven’t met a 24 year old brat who sulks and turns her face all black when visiting her bro-in-law’s parents’ house. This one deserved a tight slap on her face.

  3. asme says:

    Maybe their brains are exceptional, that’s why they are so active and are brats at such a young age? Unlike McEnroe who only acted like a kid in his twenties.

    Anigma, your recollection of the 3.5 year old reminded me of my niece who at the age of less than 3 years was reprimanded by my sister, her aunt. She replied my sis, “Ah Yee, I don’t like you. This is not your house. This is my daddy’s house. Please get out of my daddy’s house?”

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