Greatest Formula 1 Final Race


The 2007 season Formula 1 closed at Interlagos in Sao Paolo, Brazil in the most sensational manner. Lewis Hamilton was expected to cruise home as the youngest champion in Formula 1 history after holding pole position with a 4 points lead over Fernando Alonso and a 7 points lead over Kimi Raikkonen. Hamilton only needed to finish 5th place to win, regardless how Alonso or Raikkonen fare in the last race of the season.

Alonso had the better chance to steal the championship but he has win or finish second to have a realistic chance of winning.   Even though, it was touted as a 3 horse race, Raikkonen needed a miracle for Hamilton to finish lower than 5th and for him win the last race of the season with Alonso finishing no higher than 3rd.

Against all odds, the impossible happened on 21 October 2007.Kimi Raikkonen finished first, followed by Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso. Lewis Hamilton finished a disappointing 8th. The top 3 drivers were kept apart by a single point and the 2007 season proved to be the most dramatic season in the last 20 years. The last time there was such drama in Formula 1 was during the days of Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet and Alain Prost way back in 1986.   

Pos  Driver                       Nationality  Team                          Points

1      Kimi Räikkönen        Finnish           Ferrari                             110

2     Lewis Hamilton        British            McLaren-Mercedes     109

3      Fernando Alonso     Spanish          McLaren-Mercedes    109

4      Felipe Massa               Brazilian        Ferrari                               94

5      Nick Heidfeld              German          BMW                                  61

6      Robert Kubica            Polish              BMW                                  39

7      Heikki Kovalainen    Finnish          Renault                             30

8     Giancarlo Fisichella   Italian           Renault                             21

9     Nico Rosberg               German         Williams-Toyota            20

10  David Coulthard          British           Red Bull-Renault            14

The top 10 spots for this year’s F1 were dominated by Europe lead by two Finnish, two British, two Germans, one Spanish, one Polish and one Italian. Only a lone Brazilian broke the European monopoly of the top ten spots.

Two notable drivers who feel out of the top ten spots were Ralf Schumacher, driving for Toyota who finished at number 16 with only 5 points and Ruben Barrichello, driving for Honda who failed to score a single point in 2007.

It was a fantastic season. Raikkonen, Hamilton and Alonso has definitely brought back a spark to Formula 1.

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5 Responses to Greatest Formula 1 Final Race

  1. benbego says:

    are you fans Raikkonen?

  2. anigma says:

    Never mind the terms or what not.. I think Kimi is simply gorgeous!

  3. asme says:

    Greetings benbego. I like Kimi but not Ferrari.

    Kimi may be gorgeous now but when he grows old, I think he will look like Val Kilmer old.

  4. short horse says:

    The headlines created by the sport these days sure beats the ‘one horse race’ feel when Michael Schumacher dominated the scene before his retirement…..much more exciting now…..

  5. asme says:

    It is the most interesting season since the days of Alain Prost, Nigel Mansel and Nelson Piquet.

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