Sungai Tekala Falls

Oct 13 – It was a Saturday with a difference. The streets were deserted in the city. Shops were shuttered shut. The familiar roti chanai man and the nasi lemak lady can’t be found. The trains were empty. The city was unusually quiet.

But as we drove past the kampungs in Ulu Langat, an endless stream of cars lined the road shoulders. Children were running all over, men were smartly dressed in their baju melayu while the women were in their most colourful baju kurungs. There was a fiesta atmosphere in the air as this was not a normal Saturday. This Saturday was the first day of Shawwal 1428, which marked the end of the fasting Ramadhan month and the beginning of the Eid Al-Fitri celebration.

We had decided to take advantage of the holidays and planned a day out at one of the waterfalls in Ulu Langat. It was a scenic drive past the Semenyih dam and we chose Tekala Falls, being one of the more easily assessable falls without any need for trekking as we had a 3 year old (Naomi) and a 7 year old (Sean) tacking along.


We arrived at 9.15 a.m. and the search for a good spot for swimming lasted only 10 minutes from the car park. We choose a shaded hut nearest to best swimming spot in the falls which was for the taking as there were only two other groups at the falls.

May & I unloaded our backpacks and shocked everyone with a gas stove, a frying pan and a soup pot. We were inspired by Keith Floyd for his cooking in the wilderness and Mr. Thong who sparked our outdoor cooking interest at Chilling Falls. Nevertheless, we stuck to cooking a very safe and simple breakfast. We fried some ham shoulder, scrambled a few eggs and pan-grilled buttered buns for everyone. To accompany the main meal, we had tomato cherries, Japanese cucumbers and cheese. Apples and muffins completed the meal for the adults, while for the kiddoes, we made instant soup noodles with eggs, accompanied by Vitagen which proved to be a hit even with some of the over-aged.


After a sumptuous breakfast, we proceed for our swim after much whining and prompting from Sean who just could not wait to dive in. The water was extremely cold. But it felt really good. Initially it was only me, May and Sean swimming but CE just could not resist the temptation of a dip even though he did not bring a change of clothes. Naomi played with the water and enjoyed herself. Matsa, Faith and KC were contended to relax at the falls without getting wet.


The crowd started to fill up the place at 11.00 which was a sign for us to leave. We packed all our left overs and rubbish including those left behind conveniently at our hut by some idiots. This is so Malaysian. There was also a changing room near the huts clearly stating that it was a changing room and not a toilet and yet the place stank to high heaven with urine odor. When will Malaysians ever learn to be civilized.

Anyway, it was a good outing, the air was good, the water was cool, the company was pleasant, there was plenty of negative ions to recharge the body, so we were more than happy to pick up all the rubbish left by others, secure it in a large garbage bag and took it out to the main entrance to deposit by the main garbage dump. If I had a bucket, I probably would have flushed the changing rooms as well but I guessed I did my little part.

Nevertheless, the Sungai Tekala Falls outing was great. Would recommend the place for a family outing especially for those with little children.


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4 Responses to Sungai Tekala Falls

  1. anigma says:

    LOL!!!! You really bring gas stove ah to the picnic??? HAHAHHA!

  2. Short Horse says:

    Indeed a great outing … oh but left out the flexi chopping board…..& 15 styrofoam cups complete with stirrer 🙂

  3. asme says:

    Yes, we did but it was one of those portable stove.

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