Encounters in the countryside

Oct 7 – Decided not to push for Sungai Lembing, instead we lazed till noon before checking out for lunch. After lunch, we took a long detour to Pantai Sepat which located south of Kuantan. The northern beaches, Beserah and Cherating are more famous and touristy. So we were curious to find out what Pantai Sepat looks like.


It is surprising clean and deserted. There isn’t a single hotel, motel or even gerai in sight. Only sandy beaches, coconut trees and kampung houses. Would make a great place to read your novels or just to sit under the trees and do nothing.


Further down the road, we came across a wet land beside the sea with a herd of water buffaloes grazing and overhead there numerous white coloured birds flying and circling the buffaloes. It was a heart warming sight.


From Pantai Sepat, we proceed to Pantai Lagenda which is another lost cause tourism project. Pantai Lagenda was supposed to be a premium golf resort next to the sea but we could only see overgrown lalang on the golfing greens.

From Pantai Lagenda, we drove to Kuala Pahang which is the river mouth for Sungai Pahang. It was nothing but a sleepy fishing village.


From Kuala Pahang, we proceed to Pekan, the royal town of Pahang. After the earlier disappointments of both Pantai Lagenda and Kuala Pahang, we were not immune and did not have any more expectations.


There is absolutely nothing in the town apart from the palace, a polo ground, a maritime exhibit and a museum. There were some nice old buildings and a grand looking mosque.



One thing though, they have a KFC there and we stopped for some fried chicken.

From our short jaunt, we could boast that we have been there but it was at the expense of Berkelah Falls because by the time we reached Gambang, it was already 4.00 p.m.

We will be back for Berkelah, Sungai Lembing and Pandan but that would be in another chapter and another adventure.

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5 Responses to Encounters in the countryside

  1. anigma says:

    The beach looks nice and clean! I think soon it would be as dirty as Bagan Lallang.

  2. Short Horse says:

    My favorite was the trekking thru the marshes for a close encounter with the buffalo & the flock of white birds of which species eludes us……

  3. asme says:

    It will be like Bagan Lallang but not for the 5 years, I think. It is still kampung houses along the beach without much developments.

    The trek along the marshes was indeed special.

  4. Pingback: Andrea Schamoz

  5. asme says:

    Thanks Andrea!! Thank you very much!

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