Halal Cups or Non Halal Cups

Oct 6 (continue) – We went over the Teluk Cempedak at mid night for drinks and we chose a gerai nearest to the Hyatt Hotel. May’s teh tarik was promptly served in a nice ceramic mug while my iced milo was served in a disposable cup. We can’t help noticing that the other patrons had theirs served in glass mugs. What are we so special, we wonder? New patrons arrived and their drinks were also served in glass mugs.

The only exception were two Chinese ladies whose drinks were served in disposable cups. The only obvious difference is that the four of us were not Muslims.

I truly hope that it is an extra ordinary coincidence otherwise it is really sad to think that there such a thing as halal cups and non halal cups.

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10 Responses to Halal Cups or Non Halal Cups

  1. short horse says:

    Ahahaha….didn’t realize you took me so seriously…. :-)…. osmosis

  2. asme says:

    Remember the time in Kuala Terrenganu where they served us paper cups because some of our friends were drinking beer.

  3. short horse says:

    Yeah….. I know….. hence the paranoia…. sigh…..

  4. anigma says:

    Seriously, some people just need to get a tight slap on their faces. Like us in office, whenever we use the office utensils for VEGETARIAN meals, one colleague who is VERY PARTICULAR, threw away the plate as soon as my colleague washed it. And the particular colleague – nobody likes her at all. She is super rude and think she is the boss. I wonder what her religion taught her. It’s not the religion problem, seriously. Every religion is righteous and beautiful. And human tend to misinterpret it and make it MELEBIH LEBIH.

  5. asme says:

    It has to do with the system.

    When I was in Sri Lanka, there were 5 of us sitting and eating at the same table, two muslims, one buddhist, one hindu and one christian. The restaurant served beef, pork and liquor, all of us didn’t mind and ate or drink only what we could consume.

  6. MJ says:

    LOL. Never realized people actually do that but it could be past experiences where Halal consumers complained about saliva from Non-Halal consumers. A lot of Muslims do not like to eat non-Malay Halal food, fearing that the cook uses non-Halal methods of cooking & ingredients.

  7. asme says:

    It is quite understandable if a Muslim don’t want to eat non halal food but it is sad when a simple thing like a cup becomes an obstacle to racial unity.

  8. MJ says:

    non-Malay Halal food = other races than Malay that prepare Halal food

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