The Detective

Oct 6 (continue) – From Sungai Lembing, May & I proceed driving to Kuantan and we decided to stay at the Vistana Hotel beause of its offer rates of RM 184. Our favorite lodging place was actually the Swiss Garden in Beserah but room rates has shot up to RM 280 and we decided that since we were only staying for the night, the RM 100 savings could have gotten us a good dinner.

It has been more than 5 years since we stayed at Vistana and we were quite apprehensive especially with the low upkeep standards of most local hotels. However, we were presently surprised as the room was very clean and the fittings looked reasonably new. May is one fastidious character when it comes to cleanliness and orderliness and if she is satisfied, this place really passed the acid test.

There was a very large crowd waiting at the Coffee House and we found out that the coffee house was offering a Thai Buka Puasa buffer at RM 30 per head. That’s cheap. Not wanting to brave the crowd, we decided to go for one of our favorite eating joint in Kuantan.

We drove straight to the best evening bak kut teh in town which is located in Jalan Besah, corner coffee shop just in front of the Megaview Hotel. The herbal soup is lighter than the one in Klang but nevertheless it is good and it is definitely the best one in Kuantan during the evening.

After dinner, we decided to check out the movies and took a chance upon “The Detective”, a Cantonese movie by produced by Oxide Pang and starring Aaron Kwok. All I know about Aaron is that he is the best male dancer in Hong Kong and his showmanship is second only to Anita Mui. As an actor, I don’t think much of him and his most memorable movie for me was “Para Para Sakura”. Even then, I was captivated more by Cecilia Cheung than by Aaron.

The Detective started with Aaron acting as Tam, a sloppy, nearsighted detective who was approached by Lung (famous as Tai Shor) to look for a woman named Sum. I must say that Aaron looked good with his crew cut and he was ruggedly fit. It was a far cry from his wimpish “Para Para Sakura” days. The location of the movie was entirely set in Thailand which was a bit weird with the characters speaking in Cantonese throughout the show.


Overall, it was a good movie with an intriguing plot. Bodies turned up each time Tam (Aaron) went investigating. Halfway into the show, you get the creepy feeling that the deaths are not normal murders. You get the horror story plot, two thirds into the movie and it finished quite well with the momentum of the show kept at a steady pace throughout the show.


It was a good horror movie without all the normal Hong Kong screams, scares and cheap thrills. Definitely in my top ten movie list of the year. Good acting by Aaron Kwok and Liu Kai Chi made the show.

After the movie, May felt freaked out and related it to the graves in Sungai Lembing.
Are we going to make it to Sungai Lembing?

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4 Responses to The Detective

  1. short horse says:

    Ahahahah….indeed a great movie to round off Saturday’s creepy S Lembing non event….love Aaron Kwok’s matured and edgy image in the movie….what a lovely physique too….no longer the stocky bob haired Aaron….yummmm

  2. anigma says:

    These days I see Aaron has been signing up for movies which totally hammered on acting skills and not much of his looks anymore. I find this a refreshing change for a cute guy like him. I don’t particularly fancy him but I think he can really act.

  3. asme says:

    Catch this movie. It is really worth a sit through.

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