What’s KKB?

Kota Kubu Bahru (a small town on the way to Fraser’s hill) is often referred to as KKB by most locals and we were discussing a trekking trip to a waterfall near KKB when I noticed my friend’s 6 year son laughed each time, we mentioned KKB. By the 4th time, he laughed and exclaimed “Ai yah – KKB again?!”

Puzzled, I then asked him what he does understand by KKB? He innocently replied “Koo Koo Bird loh?” (which is a word used by many Malaysian parents to describe a male’s anatomy to a child.)

Well, abbreviations could be dangerous and I spent a good 5 minutes to set the record straight for this 6 year old.

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6 Responses to What’s KKB?

  1. anigma says:

    Hahahah! I thought it’s KKC. Hhahhha!

  2. asme says:

    Me too! And that’s why I was utterly puzzled when the kiddo kept laughing.

  3. short horse says:

    Well….I must say kids nowadays are more refined I guess…. Koo Koo Bird sounds much nicer than Koo Koo CXXX… no? 🙂

  4. anony says:

    hey correction it’s kuala kubu bharu not kota kubu bharu

  5. anony says:

    hey correction it’s kuala kubu bharu, not kota

  6. asme says:

    Thanks Anony. You are right. It is Kuala Kubu baru.

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