Win Some Lose Some


Manchester United won unconvincingly 2:0 in Old Trafford against Chelsea in a scappy match to extend their match winning streak to 5 games. Apart from the full points, the other positive outcome from the match is that Carlos Tevez finally got his goal and let’s hope that this goal will spur him on for more to come. Louis Saha took the easy way by reacting to a poor tackle and won a penalty. He would need to brush up his acting skills to avoid being red carded in future matches for diving as he was lucky to get his penalty in this one. Overall, it was a poor quality match and the Blues clearly missed Jose Mourinho.

Sir Alex Ferguson then field the second stringers for the Carling Cup where the only notable regulars included were John O’shea and Luis Nani. The second stringers flopped against Conventry which resulted the Red Devils losing 2:0 at home. SAF may not put much emphasis on the Carling Cup but nevertheless, the game was dissappointing especially for the 74,055 fans who came to see their team play. Unless the second stringers show much improvement especially Oliveira Anderson, there isn’t much hope for Manchester United to last out the long season.

It was a dissappointing week espcially for Man U to drop off at the very first hurdle in the Carling Cup.

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