Another Day in Court

I have attended Court several times in both Wisma Denmark and the Sultan Abdul Samad Building but June 14, 2007 marks my first visit to the new Court Complex in Jalan Duta which has been rated as the second largest in the world after New Delhi. This would make the feather minded Malaysians proud, for them to imagine that our country with a population of 27 million could stand hand in hand next to a giant with a 1 billion population.

If we have the second largest Court Complex in the world, it would be every Malaysian’s dream that the efficiency and the justice dispense from such a magnificent Court Complex could be also rank amongst the world’s best. But alas, for the time being such dream would remain only a dream.

The water leakage reports published in the local media were only a symptom of many bigger screw ups. The biggest one which has been a joke amongst the legal circle is that the entire Court Complex was planned without sufficient storage space for the legal archives. To circumnavigate the problem, the authorities had converted most of the underground parking space for the archives. The result is an impractical white elephant which causes much inconvenience to the public. So much so that hundreds of cars had to spill over to the neighbouring car park in the Maltrade building and creating inconveniences there.

Meanwhile, the court cases remain a long and strenuous ordeal. In today’s world of high speed internet connection, it is mind boggling that lawyers still need to attend court for simple case mentions or to get a new Court date. More often than not, the lawyers would have to wait for a couple of hours for a case mention and only for the case to be deferred and for whole ordeal to repeat itself. My date in Court was my seventh visit starting back from the year 2000.

Today, after spending RM 151,000 in lawyer’s fees to go after a US$ 61,188 debt, there is still no light at the end of the tunnel. There will be another date for another visit.

So much for justice!

I am an optimist and I believe that in everything there is always a silver lining. So the little silver lining or the pros in this case is that I have managed to a personal insight into the Malaysian legal system.

The cons?! It is an utter &^!%#@* waste of time ~

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One Response to Another Day in Court

  1. Ginger says:

    Hope everything works for you. I think legal cases everywhere is the same. Probably the lawyers are paid to delay all cases. Hahhaha.

    Yeah.. I heard of the unintended “swimming pool” in the Court. It was such a big joke.

    I browse thru your flickr pics. Nicely taken!

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