Farewell, Loganathan Arumugam

June 4, 2007, 10.50 a.m., Mount Miriam Hospital, Penang, marked the passing a one of the local music legends, Loganathan Arumugam of the Alleycats. Born in 1953, Loga as he was commonly known, has left us much too early. He reflects the real true Malaysian with his ability to speak Hokkien, even-though he was of Indian origin while he sang and recorded in Malay. How many other Malaysian singers are that ‘muhibbah’ in nature! Sadly, I could think of only one – David, Loga’s brother. 

I remember growing up with Alleycats in the seventies, especially with their very distintive music and Alfro hair style. The Alleycats has been actively perfoming since 1969, a total of 38 years and produced a total 29 albums which is phenomenal. They were playing at Mystery in the Curve last year.

The passing of Loganathan would be indeed be an irreplaceable loss for the Malaysian society as a whole. This loss would even be more for Penang as it has lost a true home boy!

My deepest condolenses to, Susan, Vigneshwaran, Priyadashini, David, Shammugam and the rest of the family.

May the Lord Continue to Shower Loga with his Blessings! 

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One Response to Farewell, Loganathan Arumugam

  1. Short Horse says:

    Life is truly fragile……..

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