Green Sanctuary

After an absence of more than 10 years, M & I decided to check out Bukit Cherakah, after hearing that the land surrounding this pristine agro-park has been cleared for development. The only access was through Section 8 in Shah Alam and the road signs were non existence except for a couple of signs near Section 8.  The most significant change while approaching Bukit Cherakah after crossing the NKVE, is a large signage for Bukit Bandaraya and a double lane road leading to a new housing development.

The car park for Bukit Cherakah has been expanded and there was ample parking. Parking cost RM 1 per entry while the entrance fee was RM 3 per head.   The moment, we stepped inside the compound, we were transformed to a lush green sanctuary. There was a bus ride to ferry the visitors and bicycles for rent. Don’t expect good mountain bikes. The bikes looked pathetic and along the road while we walked, we found broken bicycle chains which proved the road worthiness of the bikes. The trees have definite grown since we last came. It was more green and more lush. One thing which struck us was the beauty of the some of the bark of the trees of which we managed to collect an amazing range of interesting looking tree barks. 

  Nature Walk

Furthermore, there was giant palm trees, colourful flowers, a handsome monkey and most off all, there were no traffic and not many visitors which all combined made the walk extremely relaxed and enjoyable.  

Giant Palm  Handsome Monkey

We took the Cherakah Steps challenge which totaled 186 steps but the watch tower at the top of the Steps no longer has any view as the trees have outgrown it.   

Jungle Trail.jpg  Watch Tower  

Initially, we wanted to go up Bukit Sapu Tangan but we overshot the turning and walked right to the fringe of the park when we hear the sound of bulldozers. As we explore the fringes by going through the unpaved tracks, we found massive clearing of land adjoining to the park boundaries. Could see ready built flats and it would be a matter of a very short time that this park will be surrounded by housing.    

Dead Giant

This dead tree at the fringe of the park speaks of the sad state of the environment. 

We walked a total of 3 hours and have yet to cover the full park. It then begun raining and we took shelter in a rest stop next to the paddy fields and a tortoise pond. It was absolutely peaceful and serene. As the rain turned to a drizzle, we cut shot our trip to get to our car. Overall, it was a splendid walk and we were dead tired but we will be back to cover the remaining parts.

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2 Responses to Green Sanctuary

  1. Short Horse says:

    ..pure serenity being able to enjoy the rain in a wooden shelter by a ‘sawah padi’…great to go back to the basics… ummm discounting the coke & ice cream in hand tho….:-)

  2. KY says:

    Aiyoh.. shit.. the last time I went there was 10 years ago… I think. It’s so sad that it would reduce to this state.

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