Drogba Magic

Drogba did it again in a sudden brillant flash of one touch football with Lampard to put the ball beyond Van Der Saar and present Mourinho his most sort after English trophy. It was the only highlight of an otherwise extremely dull encounter. Only for all die hard Liverpool and Chelsea fans, it was worth enduring the torture of sitting out the 2 hours just for the 115 minute goal. It was a wasted Saturday night for me.

But as a Manchester United fan,  I felt sad for Giggsy who really deserved more but in all fairness, the Red Devils did not deserve to win last night. The team played well but only Scholes really shined. The rest were good but not exceptional. Rooney and Ronaldo could have done more. Smith was dissappointing. On moments like this, one would wish that Fergie did not sell Van Nisteroy. In comparison, I thought that Terry, Robben and Essien were outstanding while Cetr was rock solid. It is back to the drawing board and I really hope that Hargreaves gets the transfer he wishes for I think he can make the difference. The team is good but they lacked a play maker like Cantona.

I am praying that AC Milan wins next week, otherwise it would be really a season with a hollow feeling for the English League champions.

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One Response to Drogba Magic

  1. Short Horse says:

    Well even I who is a social football enthusiast appreciated the way Drogba scored the goal….if he did not strike it in mid-air, the goalie would have had time to catch it……Magic…

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