End of The Road For Melinda



Many were shocked that Melinda Doolittle was eliminated from the Finals but I was ecstatic. During the Final 3, my pecking order were 1st – Blake, followed by 2nd – Jordin and 3rd Melinda.It was cruel that the most talented singer who was Melinda went out but in this cruel world, talent alone does not bring success.


Melinda has undoubtedly the best voice amongst this year’s competitors in the American Idol. She was way ahead of the pack when it came to voice control and quality of singing but over the past weeks, she has proven to be boring, absolutely boring. Unfortunately she peaked right at the beginning of the series and fell plat on a plateau ever since. There was absolutely nothing new. She was good but she just couldn’t command the “wow” factor! It was like having an absolute overdose of the very best Cabernet Sauvignon, so much that a simple can of Guinness proved to be welcoming.


It would be dreadful to imagine Melinda in the Final two as it would be impossible to judge a competition between Jordin versus Melinda or Blake versus Melinda where the contrast would be just too great. At least, with a Jordin versus Blake finals, it would still be an interesting contest.

I think this year’s American Idol was really rubbish when came to quality and no one really deserves to win. However, But there are still some enjoyable moments from this year’s series and these were my favourites:-


 stephanie_edwards.jpg  haley_scarnato.jpg
Best Entertainer Sanjaya Malakar   Classiest Act  Stephanie Edwards  Best Packaged       Haley Scarnato

Who will win in the Finals? Jordin or Blake? I have no preference. But my money is on Jordin because I think the Melinda fans will swing their votes for Jordin.


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2 Responses to End of The Road For Melinda

  1. anigma says:

    Yes… I already told my cousin sister that, Melinda WILL NOT BE the next American Idol. Even if she has the big voice – she will not win based on voice alone. Everything must have packaging appeal. That is why I also said, Lakisha will not win. I don’t really follow this Season but my vote will be for Blake.

  2. Short Horse says:

    Indeed personality comes a long way in showbiz & Melinda fell short…..We have to thank Sanjaya for peppering this season’s otherwise bland Am Idol affair…..love the Trojan hairdo…. 🙂

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