Ultimate Tuners

M & I decided to check out the Ultimate Tuners Carnival 2007 at Stadium Bukit Jalil during the recent holiday break.

The RM 20 entrance fee was definitely hefty considering the carnival consisted of commercial booths trying to sell their wares and there wasn’t any directory or souvenirs accompanying the entrance fee.  The overall set up was pathetic and the organizers were clearly amateurs. They could have done a much better job by securing more sponsors and improving the overall set-up.

Nevertheless, the cars exhibited were quite interesting (kudos to the individual car owners). Overall, it was a nice break from the normal routine.


Lastly, but not least, what’s a car show without the models.  

This lady’s hot.


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2 Responses to Ultimate Tuners

  1. anigma says:

    Your weekends are never dull! Regards to M. Hope she has recovered from sickness.

  2. Short Horse says:

    Ooh great job with the pics…you certainly made the cars look as sexy as the gal …. 🙂

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