Movin’ Again

House moving has always been an event for me and on 27 April 2007, I moved again for the sixth time, first it was to Melawati, then to Manila, then it was Manila to Melawati followed by to Bukit Mentakab and in May 2005 Melawati to Bukit Jalil. And now for the sixth time, it was from Bukit Mentakab to Taman Mentakab.

It was an experience from the fussy old spinster of a landlord, the poor conditions of the house, the cleaning up, the new furniture, the clashes in ideas between M & I, the nosey neighbour, the over active Dalmatian, 41 nails & holes left behind, the tapless porch and yard, the free flow of water, poor Ah Lex being harrased by Ms. Lim and the broken doors. All in all, we survived.

We did the preliminary survey and cleaning which had helped a long way towards reducing the stress for the day.  Taps were repaired, wiring done, A/C and water heaters installed all before the D Day. The movers arrived at 8.45 a.m. There were 3 of them. The useless ‘boss’, the drunk and the driver. Only the driver seemed have some inkling about moving. I had to help carry the wardrobe up the stairs as the ‘boss’ Mr. Lee pretended to be busy with other things and the the driver was afraid the drunk would drop the wardrobe on him. All’s done by 11.00 a.m. despite the handicaps. The new furniture came at noon and but 1.00 p.m. all bug items were done. We then had to go back to the old house to move the remaining smaller stuff. M did a massive clean up at the old house, leaving me huffing and puffing. She is just too nice and an obsessive perfectionist when it comes to these things.

We managed to get back by 4 pm and it was the final cleaning up. Had to hang down a 60 feet hose to water down the porch. The water was blacker than Calcutta. M did all the cleaning upstairs. Curtains went up in the master and by 7 pm the house was actually hospitable.

Left the house at 7.30 to check in at Bukit Bendera Resort. Because of the ‘calculative’ Ms. Lim, we did not want to give her any reasons to blare out her trumpets. Will move in when the lease begin in May. Bukit Bendera Resort sucked. Even the water in the pool is yellowish green in colour.

Yam Char with the office gang from 9.30 up to 11.30 and by the time we returned to Bukit Bendera, we were dead tired.

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One Response to Movin’ Again

  1. Short Horse says:

    Well…. so many chapters in our book of life eh…. privileged to spend it with you…

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