Crab Island


After hearing so much about Pulau Ketam or Crab Island, we finally decided to make a day trip there on 29thApril. M & I took the noon ferry which was cramped and packed. We took separate seats and I sat next to an Indon lass. The air-cond and a Jet Li movie made the 40 minutes ride bearable.The jetty at Pulau Ketam was a new concrete structure and we were greeted with a huge restaurant named Kuai Lok Hian at the end of the jetty. Kuai Lok Hian was utterly packed, so we decided to look for somewhere more peaceful. We went past the volunteer fire brigand station, a clinic, a police station and a temple before reaching the ‘main street’ of Pulau Ketam. It was a ‘main street’ with a difference. There were many vehicles on the street but consisting only of one kind; bicycles. The only way to move around is to walk, by bicycles or by a boat. It would have been an environmentalist’s heaven except that rubbish was thrown indiscriminately. But being a village on stilts, rubbish were dumped into the swamp which on the village was built on. The rubbish stayed and accumulated. There was rubbish everywhere.

Despite the abundance of rubbish and the fact that most of the pathways on the island were now concreted, the village still maintained its charm. The lifestyle was still rustic and the atmosphere was something which you would not get anywhere else, not in Malaysia and maybe not even in the world.


The colourful houses, the numerous temples, the boats, the children swimming in the brackish waters all added to make Pulau Ketam unique on its very own. 


We had a Bak Kut Teh seafood lunch comprising of pork, crabs, fish and prawns. Tasted a bit foreign for my taste. Then we spent a total of four hours wandering about in the maze like walkways by which time, the sun got the better of M and she felt too sick to continue. We left with our curiosity quenched.

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5 Responses to Crab Island

  1. anigma says:

    A good way to spend the long weekend. 🙂

  2. Short Horse says:

    Take it from me….don’t ever visit Pulau Ketam when you’re having a fever…its HOT HOT HOT!!!

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  4. LBT says:

    I was at Pulau Ketam in August of ’08. Those who harped that this island is a nice place to visit must have very low aesthetic barometer. The place is nothing more than a small village sitting on a huge garbage dump. You will see tons of garbage everywhere you go and there are huge rats running around the place in daylight. The residents there seem oblivious to all this. With this kind of attitude I could not bring myself to having a meal there.

  5. asme says:

    LBT – I agree that there is rubbish everywhere but we have to sit back and try to look at the charm underneath all that filth.

    I have been to Chenai and Dhaka. The conditions there is much worse but they too have their special own charm.

    I wouldn’t purposely go to Pulau Ketam again by choice. But I would still recommend folks to do so, just to witness a lifestyle that is unique to the place.

    Thank you for your comments.

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