April 7 2007

May & I started the weekend of 7th April 2007 started with lunch at 126 restaurant in Bukit Tinggi. The specialty here is their dry noodles with delicious crispy fried bacon. Have to have noodles for the day because it was May’s birthday. We also had “Thin Chat” leaves and black fungi soup. Lunch was fabulous but it left the both of us bursting at the seams.

We then took the slow climb up to the Colmar village. The trees seemed to have grown and made the drive up scenic. The village itself was an utter disappointment. The roof tiles have been discoloured with age while the wooden structures are beginning to rot. Was hoping for a surprise but the poor upkeep which was as expected from the Berjaya Group, killed the place. Will no longer consider to introduce any visitors to the place. It was a far cry from the days when we brought Sarah. It was really at its peak then.

The weather was quite warm and May felt nauseated from the heat and drive. Spent an hour and we left for downtown. An expensive tour of RM 36 which left a sour taste in the mouth but at the cat was drowned. We didn’t even bother to visit the Japanese garden.

It was straight home for a rest. The detour bombed me out.

Had ABC soup and went out to Bandar Utama. Got hit by a traffic jam and found out that there was a free concert organized by Hot Link together with Hitz FM. Managed to get tickets for the Shooter and went over to check out the concert.

It was great. Definitely the highlight of the day. Caught Jason Lo at the concert. An ear opener for us actually. Not bad at all.

Managed then to catch The Shooter. Great entertainment throughout and definitely one of the best for the year so far. By the time we got home, it was 2 a.m.

All in all, it was slightly different than a normal Saturday. We had a great lunch, a detour, a concert and an entertaining movie. It was also May’s birthday. Well a day to remember by. 7 April 2007 or 747.

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One Response to April 7 2007

  1. Short Horse says:

    On hindsight….we’ve been picking hot hot days for travel eh…. it was a great day with a cream topping catching Mark Wahlberg & Jason Lo at the end of it…..thanks for a memorable B’day celeb..

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