Happy Birthday J

April 6th 2007 – The taps ran dry, the frantic phone calls, the nonchalant responses, the calculators, the crowds scrambling for water, the two workmen who broke their backs to get the pipes back on line and lady luck all played its part on this memorable day.

Amidst the frustrations, we celebrated J’s Birthday in Temerluh away from the water woes. The seven of us (Kurosawa’s samurais?!) had lunch at the Regend; M, Jeng, JC, J, Con, Sheyin and I. Con decided on the Menu while M brought the cake. The food was mediocre, the ambience was non existence (alas; expected of Mentakab) and the time was too short. 

But what’s important was that J was visible happy. She has been a good friend for the past 10 years, a friend whom you know, genuinely feels for you when your are happy and is equally disturbed when you have problems. She could be a bundle of joy where her laughters are full and unrestrainted. If you need something, J would be the one who would try her best to help. She could be naive, demanding and insensitive but she has a heart of gold.  J, I wish you a very Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true. Thank you for your friendship.

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One Response to Happy Birthday J

  1. Short Horse says:

    Yes indeed…..Happy Belated Birthday to you J again…although the cake ceremony was way too rush 🙂 aka M

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