Another Birthday?!

The birth of my first blog also signifies a turning point in my life.  It was done on the day before my birthday and it is also the beginning of the rest of my life. I have done much over the years but have not really journalised them. Maybe now I should do something different.

Yesterday was the first time I actually celebrated the day my mother introduced me to the world since a very long time ago. It has always been a quiet celebration with the most important person in  my life. The last most memorable ‘public’ celebration I had was in Mega Mall; not the one in Mid Valley. At that point in time, Mid Valley was nothing but a series or piles and heavy equipment. It was the Mega Mall in Manila with EO, Sara, Carol, Rob and Chon. Still remembered I was waiting for May when someone approached me with a bouquet of flowers. Thought he was a vendor and I just waved him off. That guy was pesistent and keep saying “for you, sir”. My face turned crimson and I told I don’t want any flowers! Sara quickly came out of nowhere to say the delivery guy further embarassment. Boy! that was 10 years ago today! How time flies?

Anyway, I wanted to paint the room pink at the Red Box but Mr. River and Datuk K. were having their  golf in morning. Thought these two guys would be knocked out by afternoon, so decided to have dinner at our place instead. M and I went over to Mega Mall, the Mid Valley one this time to get stuff in the morning.  Well, we managed a real western fare; tomato &  mushroom soup, salad, lamb chops, gourmet sausages, roast beef & pork knuckles.

Black C & Chung Hwa Lass, Ms. BP, Master Wind, Bluey and Marlborough Gal made up the the rest of the guest list for the evening. Wonderful people with well behaved children. What else could I ask for? Of course, Liverpool beating Chelsea 2:0 was an added bonus.

Amidst the food, we had 5 bottles of wine with a 1999 Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Red topping the list. A German White in violin shaped bottle brought by Black C was a hit for the bottle.  Ms. BP bought me Thai fish cakes , that was something different. Anyway, the real cake was a delicious chocolate layered cake. Thank you guys!!

Also had text greetings from Joe, Dave from Sabah, Ann, Angel and Rosly making it a perfect day.

The treat on the big day itself was Blood Diamonds. Great stuff.

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4 Responses to Another Birthday?!

  1. Short horse says:

    Excuse me…I believe it was me who saved the guy from being slugged in the face at midvalley…not Sara … my dear!

  2. asme says:

    Oh dear! Must really be getting old. Getting my facts all mixed up.

  3. Mdmbluey says:

    What does Ms BP stand for? Guess it’s refering to TLK… Anyway, great to know that you had a good birthday celebration that day! Had cooked the choy kwek with the porky leg! Yum! Yum!

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