The Beginning

Everything has a begining and it is never too late to start something. So at 2.15 am after skyping with Kit who has just moved to Surrey, this blog was born. Just like that, out of the blue. Out of nothing, by this aging but never admiting to be old die hard who doesn’t know nuts about htmls, blogs or maintaining a website. Maybe the effects of a mid life crisis has really set in and has pushed sanity off the cliff. Maybe the fear of joining the elderly sparked the need to grasp on to something new. Maybe it was the desire to start recording the memories before the brain cells begin to dull and forgetfulness sets in. Maybe it was purely a need for a private corner away from the neurotics. Or maybe it was just to show off to lesser beings that this oldie still has it.

Whatever the reason, it all started in the wee hours of 20th January 2007.

M came up with the title of the “Roaring Forties” signifying our era.  No! We were not born during Adolf’s time, we are not that old.

We are at the best times of our lives; the forties. It was a great period that we had during the last forty years. Intend to have another forty great ones and maybe this blog would help to make it even more memorable.

Life is filled with good and evil, happiness and sadness, black and white as MJ says it or Ying and Yang which the Chinese believes is needed to keep a balance. So where are you? I always believe that life is grey, you can never have one without the other. It is how dark or how light is the grey. Some people are so lost that their greys are almost pitch black and very few people are like Theresa whose grey is almost pure white with maybe some tiny specks of black.

I don’t believe there are any pure ones; black or white in this life. Most unfortunately, the darker shades of grey appears to be more dominant.

I strive to keep my grey as light grey as possible and I hope that I may have along the way helped others whiten theirs. As we go through life, I would try to brighten it up or camouflage it with some colours. Life is there to live and to live fully. I hope that this blog could encourage others to brighten up their own lives and  put in the colours into them.

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2 Responses to The Beginning

  1. anigma says:

    Hi there! Welcome on the blogging bandwagon! I will keep a close watch on this blog! 🙂

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